Enjoy this couch as the Simpsons do theirs

Welcome to The Couch Psychologist. Why the couch psychologist and not just the psychologist? Or better yet, why not the psychological scientist, a term that seems to be in vogue in psychology, or should I say–psychological science?

First of all, the couch psychologist does not suffer from p—–s envy–that’s right, I’ll say it–physics envy. There’s no need to assert our scientific credentials here. I hope to be able to park and share some interesting reflections on things psychological here and to do so in a relaxed manner. And what is more relaxing than a good couch? You can think on a couch, read on a couch, have a conversation with others while sitting or lying down on a couch. You can have a coffee on the couch, enter a blog entry on the couch and so on. In short, a couch can promote productivity and relaxation at the same time.

The couch is of course also a reference to the stereotype of psychologists as high-class therapists with leather couches who accommodate people with troubles that they are willing to pay to share with a total stranger, perhaps believing that that individual can offer some form of assistance. But here the psychologists will be on the couch, and by psychologists I mean anyone willing to partake in discussion. Maybe some of that discussion will even be therapeutic. If so, all the better. If not, no matter. You see, we take a relaxed attitude here. (At least in this first post. That may change. I make no promises.)

Well, that’s enough about that. After all, I don’t want to overanalyze the issue!




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